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Installation method of valves in cold system of industrial cold water system

  In the refrigeration system of industrial cold water machine, the valve is used to control the refrigerant flow rate and the main function of direction, in daily use, also need to often use to the valve, when the industrial cold water machine downtime or is open, need to use the valve. Because of its daily use frequency is taller, so at the time of installation and need more attention, in order to ensure the normal use of it, and will not affect the use of industrial cold water machine is stable. Here is a look at the installation steps and precautions of the valves in the cold water system.
  The valve should be installed in a place that is easily disassembled and maintained, and the flow of refrigerant must be taken care of when various valves are installed.
  2, in the cold water for industry machine installed flange valve, flange plate and the valve flange must use high-pressure asbestos board pad, high-pressure asbestos board thickness should be determined according to the valve flange groove depth. When the valve is large and the groove is deep, use thicker asbestos board to avoid the easy clearance between the concave and convex interface between them. When assembling flange valves, must be able to ensure that all bolts are uniform, otherwise, the concave and convex interface is easy to offset.
  Installation of the cut-off valve shall flow from the bottom of the valve to the top. When installing on a horizontal pipe road, the stem should be vertically up or tilted at an Angle, and the stem is forbidden. If the valve position is difficult to approach or position high, the stem level can be installed in order to operate easily.
  When installing check valves for industrial water chiller, make sure the valve core can be opened automatically. For lifting check valves, ensure that the centerline of the valve is perpendicular to the water plane. For swing check valves, the rotation of the core plate should be guaranteed and the valve core must be installed.
  The relief valve shall be installed directly on the stop valve at the outlet of the device and the arrow on the body shall be in line with the direction of the work flow.
  The solenoid valve must be installed at the outlet of the equipment, and must be installed in accordance with the position specified in the design. If the solenoid valve is installed in front of the throttle, there is at least 300mm spacing between the two.
  The thermal expansion valve in the industrial cold water machine must also be installed horizontally. Be aware of the inlet and outlet connection of the valve, and usually the inlet side of the valve is filtered. If the thermal expansion valve has good control, the position of the heat pack is important. The heat-sensitive package should be firmly fixed in the clean suction tube, allowing the heat to be in good contact with the suction pipe line. External balance tube outer equilibrium thermodynamic expansion valve should be installed in the muffler thermal colligation in the lower part of the package, and the thermal package binding distance is 150 ~ 200 mm, the thermal bag shall be binding on the horizontal section, external balance tube should be back to the trachea horizontal section at the top of the pick up.
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