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Shenzhen beauty refrigeration equipment co.,LTD
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Address: xin hanhai science and technology park, no.46 zhenxing road, baoan district, shenzhen

Company Profile

  Shenzhen beauty refrigeration equipment co., LTD. Is a registered Yu Baoan new light reaching the 46th xin HanHai science park, auspicious beautiful, with many years research and development and manufacture of professional experience in production, modernization and integration of the management, make the enterprise development continuously forge ahead, to meet customer demand, invest a lot of money at the same time, strengthen personnel training and improved production technology, with advanced technology and strict quality control system to realize the professional brand image. In order to improve the market competitiveness, the company selects high-quality original accessories from Europe and the United States, and introduces all kinds of advanced technology and processing equipment.
  The development of gimeus is more focused on future needs, and we already have mature and professional technical solutions integrated into actual production. In order to be able to give customers with high efficiency and energy saving of refrigeration equipment, as auspicious beauty they actively design attentively, reform and innovation, constantly recruit hi-tech talents, contribute to the refrigeration industry to industry. Our business do better, because we have a young and energetic team, contribute to the enterprise, it is the team spirit, the company‘s products can do better more, bring more benefits to the customers.
  The company‘s main products are: industrial water chillers, cold oil machine, industrial cooling fan, screw chiller, air-cooled chiller, water cooled chiller, constant temperature, cold water machine, cold hot amphibious machine explosion-proof type cold water machine, low temperature cold water machine, cooling water machine for laser cold water machine, electroplating, chemical industry cold water machine, special cold water machine, cold water machine for breeding, a special cold water injection molding machine, low temperature cooling fan, water type mold temperature machine, oil type mold temperature machine, constant temperature and humidity air-conditioners, water-cooled cabinet air conditioning, central air conditioning unit, air energy hot water units, cooling tower machine laminating roller cooling experiment equipment cold water machine, cold water machine, remote control MODBUS485 chillers, cooling water machine for testing real-time traffic monitoring, automatic flow adjustment cold water machine, hydraulic press for indirect cooling cold water machine, cold water machine, concrete mixing station food safety cooling cold water machine, cold water machine, stainless steel food grade high voltage frequency conversion water-cooled machine, printer ink sink cooling machine, such as more than 10 series, nearly 100 kinds of industrial refrigeration machinery and industrial control equipment, each device of innovation is to promote China‘s manufacturing industry to low carbon, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and so on the omni-directional development tool.
  Our company is based on integrity, customer first, pursuit of excellence, harmonious and win-win business philosophy, never satisfied, keep improving. Create the "jimei" series products that give you satisfaction. We are willing to join hands with you for a better tomorrow.