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Latest activity

Haier‘s revolutionary cold ark can produce a

With the advent of the era of consumption quality, overall domestic consumption environment with a series of changes have taken place, more and more users began to pursue consumption quality and style is more taste. In this case, the cold ark, which ...


How does the yantai cherry break through the cold chain bottleneck crisis?

In China‘s local fruit, yantai large cherry always occupies a higher social status, speaking of its history, dating back to the fruit of manchuria in 1915, according to the records, 1871 American missionaries J.L.N evius cherries introduced (cherrie...


Rob mainland market collective power OLED panel factory in the future

According to foreign media reports, the former wave for mobile applications of OLED panel factory investment boom beginning, for those large size panel business opportunities, this year there will be seven seating generation panel factory in mainland...


China 3 d glass market development present situation and the glass cover of supp...

3 d glass refers to that the entire surface has radian of the screen. 3 d screen, both in middle and edge arc designed. Generally refers to the 3 d glass is radian larger glass screen, G Flex series such as LG and samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the Gal...


Divide 2017 LED display industry Small and medium-sized enterprise reshuffle

Under the regulation of market economy, "shuffle" as a direct expression of innovation and development of the economy, for the led display industry is especially obvious. For a long time, the led display industry is characteristic of "abundance", as ...


Global panel factory in 2016 fourth quarter results

LGD (LGD) fourth quarter 2016 operating income hit a record high, sharp turn into profit in 2016 fourth quarter, is to make money for the first time since nine seasons, one of the main reasons are benefited the panel price rise, as the 2017 season 1 ...


Price or will stop panel market trend forecast in 2017

Last year‘s fourth quarter panel prices rose nearly 2, push industry profits. Taiwan institute of economic analysts, the panel industry boom is good in the first half of this year, to observe the second half of the supply and demand situation and wh...


Who is the next generation display technology will be at home?

Recently the hottest way to display industry about the future of quantum dots and OLED, who is the mainstream of future display industry display technology, hisense television announced in 2019 outstanding quantum dots, TCL, samsung, cec panda giants...