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Laser is all over the world The future projection market pattern changed

  The outbreak of the first year, 2017 will be laser projector market after years of development, from a technical perspective, the main trend of core technology includes: 4 k, laser and ultrashort coke. Technological innovation is the core driving force of the development of the industry. Projection industry after years of development and accumulation, projection technology innovation constantly input new vitality for the projector market.
  At present, there are three main color laser display technology, fluorescent powder + blue light, LED + laser three techniques, the merits and demerits of each light source is, in comparison, three color laser advantage is obvious. Three color is high-end laser projector, adopting the technique of projection equipment can easily reach more than 20000 lumens brightness. And phosphor is the corresponding spectrum projector, the highest brightness just break through 10000 lumens. LED mixed with laser light source technology is geared to the needs of the low-end market, using the technology of terminal display device, the brightness is not more than 3000 lumens.
  Three color laser light source
  Three color laser industry be regarded as the most pure of the laser light source, it has rich colors, high color saturation, etc. It can display of nature‘s most abundant, the most gorgeous, true color, become the important technical development direction in the field of display technology. So far, projection equipment for three color laser technology has been "penetration" to the simulation, exhibition, conference center, outdoor curtain wall and digital cinema, home theater and other fields, has the very big development space and the broad market application prospect.
  Phosphor powder + blue laser
  Phosphor display technology is to use monochrome laser (i.e., blue laser) combined with contain phosphor powder a variety of color such as red, green, fluorescent pink wheels technology and produce red, blue and green three colors. Captured laser display phosphors laser light source technology in terms of efficiency and reliability of the fundamental technical challenges. Laser application of phosphor display technology has solved the laser display on the issue of cost, environmental protection and the user experience. Phosphor powder laser projector due to its nature of the light source, however, can only use single chip DLP, due to the nature of the single chip application Yu Dabing market. At the same time in colour, there is still a lack of accuracy.
  Laser + LED light source
  Laser + LED mixed light technology compared with the traditional projection lamp, one of its biggest advantage is with long life. With laser with the new hybrid combination of LED light source, can make the projector for up to 30000 hours of life, reduce maintenance costs and the cost. And in the long time intensity attenuation is not obvious. At present, this combination is one of the few on the market situation to use, the reason is due to the brightness of LED light source co., LTD., and this solution is more complex, its future development prospect is not very clear.
  In the context of the situation, three color laser, phosphor powder + blue light, LED + three laser display technology will coexist for a period of time. From the perspective of the development of technology, three color laser will eventually make the projection market. In laser display technology application level, however, Chinese companies have led the world. Laser display as a fourth generation technology, and gradually lead the development of the global display technology, laser display will be ubiquitous in the future.
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