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Quantum dot display Demand will be more than ten million units this year

  Samsung will focus to put QLED television, in 2017, no longer production, OLED displays and full development of using quantum dots QLED TV, are still not sure, just by samsung‘s action, shows that quantum dots have unlimited may develop in 2017.
  Root, adjustable unit IHS Markit statistic that quantum dot display demand in 2017 will be more than 10 million units, the QD to consolidate its place as the high-end display market mainstream technology.
  Quantum dots (QD) are no longer consumers are not familiar with the term, the emergence of the new solution will stimulate competition for quantum dots, help to expand the market.
  Because samsung QD television from 2015 positive operation and promotion, quantum dots technology has become in OLED technology in high quality TV market strong competitors, demand for QD TV is steadily rising.
  IHS Markit believe that quantum dot display will be in wide color gamut in 2017 display market lead.
  IHS Markit, points out that the market demand for quantum dots screens from 2015 began to rise, and will reach nearly 5 million units in 2016, growing by more than 150% a year, also due to strong demand for support, quantum dots has become a mainstream technology.
  While some people are skeptical of quantum dots, quantum dot display market is driven by samsung actively, IHS Markit said, today‘s consumers more understanding and more clever than before, usually in comparing prices and online comments, also make the manufacturer they not easy blind promotions.
  As for the consumer is buying quantum dots TV, because they like the new advanced display technology, under the guidance of these smart consumer, the demand of the quantum dot display will continue to rise.
  Forecasts for 2017, manufacturers will quantum dot panels used in TV and monitor, therefore estimates for child point display demand will exceed 10 million units, the quantum dots to consolidate its mainstream technology in high order according to the market status, demands for quantum dots display market demand, the wide color gamut display will rapidly expand.
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