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Intelligent hardware products lift boom OLED screen into hot components

  Millet TV official weibo recently announced, millet 3 s television series of the retail price is far lower than the cost of production. In order to ensure the normal supply of millet s48 3 inches and 55 inches television to 2599 yuan and 3999 yuan (excluding freight). On February 8, 0 points, millet, Tmall/jingdong mall flagship store and millet channels such as the home began to implement the new price.
  This is the second time millet TV 3 s this year announced price increases. On January 4, 3 s48 "millet TV rose from 1999 yuan to 2299 yuan, and 55 inches up from 3499 yuan to 3499 yuan.
  Twice after prices, 48 inches and 55 inches millet TV prices more expensive than last year, 600 yuan and 500 yuan respectively.
  Another Internet companies also don‘t stay up the pressure of the rising costs. Last November 21, Letv super television announced price increases, the partial products to raise 100 yuan, part of the increase of 300 yuan.
  Compared with Internet TV, smartphone product price trend is more obvious.
  On the eighth day, the second day of the New Year starts, red rice phone official weibo announced that red rice 4/4 a price increase 100 yuan, raising reason is also "components procurement costs and exchange rate fluctuations, lead to mobile phone costs soar, before has serious cost price is lower than the product cost."
  A month ago, meizu was announced on the website for spirit‘s blue Note 5 price adjustment, will be after 3 gb + 16 gb version of the price from 899 yuan to 899 yuan, 3 gb + 32 gb version price from 999 yuan to 999 yuan, up 100 yuan, only 4 gb + 64 gb version price did not change, still is 1499 yuan.
  Handset makers gionee bolder, directly to the M2017 flagship of the latest mobile phone price is in 6999 yuan, crocodile private customized version of the price is as high as 16999 yuan.
  The personage inside course of study thinks, the "boom" the main reason is the component prices, chemical raw materials, paper making, logistics transportation industry factors in it.
  According to introducing, components, starting from the second half of 2016, the price of memory has more than 20% increase. Industry estimates 2017 tight supply mobile phone spare parts including display, memory, flash memory and optical sensors. Among them, the OLED screen may become the most sought-after components.
  Raw materials, starting from the second half of 2016, bulk material prices continue to rise, the main raw material for copper prices rose 40%, such as plastic, aluminium prices at more than 30%.
  Senior telecom analyst Ma Jihua think, intelligent hardware industry development up to now, sales for the king gradually to give way to profit for the king. Has a profit, it is possible for science and technology research and development and technology accumulation, can enter the offline market, and to build a strong enough brand advantage.
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