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The principle and characteristics of the refrigerator lamp are introduced

  The cold library lamp is essential for cold storage, which is indispensable for every cold storage. So how do you select the refrigerator lamp? Is the usual lighting ok? What is the difference between a professional refrigerator lamp and a regular light? So let‘s do a little bit of analysis.
  Cold storage lamp
  The cold storage lamp is a new type of cold storage light source which represents the high efficiency, longevity and high color of the future development of cold storage.
  The traditional large cold storage lamp is using a low efficiency of metal halide lamp and high pressure mercury lamp, these lamps used in cold storage disadvantage is that the big power, low intensity of illumination, low service life, easy to leak, and water. Common lamps and lanterns cannot replace freezer special lamps and lanterns.
  Using high frequency plasma without electrode induction lamp in cold storage, the laboratory test temperature is -80 degrees and can last 40,000 to 50,000 hours. High frequency plasma lamp is the collection of electronic technology, photoelectric technology, plasma, magnetic materials, vacuum technology in the integration of a new generation of high-tech lighting source products, refrigerator is mainly composed of high frequency generator, power coupler and glass bulb shell of three parts.
  Cold storage lamp illuminance principle
  After a range of input voltage, high frequency generator produces high frequency constant voltage to power coupler, coupler by the power within the discharge space of glass bulb static magnetic field, to ionization discharge space atmosphere, and produces strong ultraviolet light, glass bulb shell inner wall of tricolor phosphors by strong ultraviolet excitation light.
  Features of large cold storage lamps
  The large refrigerator lamp USES the aluminum alloy case, and the material meets the requirement of GB/t1173-1995 national standard. Adopts advanced "high temperature a die-casting molding process, the surface is smooth, metal casting products structure, internal defects such as no bubble, sand holes, good tensile strength and impact resistance, low temperature cold storage lamp shell explosion-proof performance is high, and cold storage on the lamp mould pressed directly and become permanent explosion-proof logo and brand.
  2, refrigerator light lamps through shot blasting machine, after cleaning the surface strengthening technologies such as using automatic spraying production line equipment and domestic advanced high-pressure electrostatic plastic-sprayed surface coating process, the plastic layer adhesion and strong adhesion, uv resistant plastic powder, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, flat-panel toughened glass chimney, stainless steel exposed fasteners.
  Large and cold storage lamp ballast and lamps are designed in one way or another, which can be used by many different light sources. High pure aluminium anode oxide reflector plate, high reflectivity and soft light; Light bulb Angle of light of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of a wide range of cold storage and suspension lamp installation way,
  Large refrigerator lamps can meet various installation requirements; The layout structure of cold storage lamp, use thread cover, convenient to open repair and replace the light source.
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