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Touch touch table table six nanotechnology applications

  Application: restaurants, KTV night club
  Functions: order system, and so, play games, surf the Internet
  Value and advantage: can replace the original classics equipment, enrich the function also save the expenses, increase the sense of fresh, science and technology; This function can offer restaurant rooms of the hearing, in the system have a variety of songs, improve the level of restaurants; Game entertainment system also adds a fun for customers. Such as the customer can play games waiting for the next song, enrich the service content, improve the appeal, to win customer‘s favor.
  Application 2: chess and card room, restaurant rooms, golf courses and other places
  Function: to play games, surf the Internet, video picture, news reading, etc
  Value and advantage: to bring customers to experience the feeling of a science and technology, improve the merchant class, increase the service and entertainment content. In an upscale restaurant, for example, had the experience of the device, even if consumer prices high, the client will feel service here is quite good, feel comfortable, value
  Application: three exhibition, exhibition hall, shop decoration companies, real estate exhibition hall, etc
  Function: the exhibition hall and store map navigation, corporation image and advertising browsing (the equivalent of advertising machine)
  Value and advantage: to customers with a sense of science and technology experience, also convenient for customers to browse commodity, the use effect of experience goods ahead of time, let the customer in their vast amounts of product information in the clear choice for yourself, from dependence on promotions specialist personnel, in effective control of the business and training costs at the same time, completely out of working gap brought by high liquidity risk by operating personnel, make sales work can continue to proceed in an orderly way, also saved a space usage. In exhibition hall USES the device, for example, the client will according to your own requirements, installation classification on the touch panel to select filter down, and then pointed to a destination, saved find store time, wandering the rest of the time can go to other stores, promote harvest benefit businesses. Again such as real estate exhibition hall can according to customer needs, let the customer on the touch screen to select the location of the style you want and then, improve the efficiency of the salesman.
  Application of four: conference room, office, etc
  Features: the meeting content presentation to discuss, office automation and leisure
  Value and advantage: the meeting instead of the traditional print data files, using the wireless network to the Internet, novel and convenient, the fingers meeting desktop glass can interact with the information accurately, meetings have a problem need to search online one pace reachs the designated position, normal file to communicate with the customer in the office can also directly through its display, high value for application
  Application of five: the financial industry --, Banks, jewelry
  Functions: business queries, corporation image and advertising to browse for pictures (the equivalent of advertising machine), jewelry display effect
  Value and advantage: provide the most thoughtful service and the most perfect new consumption experience. Let customers in their vast amounts of product information in the clear choice for yourself, get rid of some of the customers shopping psychology, they want to know where her appreciation products, rather than the salesman stood beside them like the feeling of waiting for them to buy a lot of customers don‘t want to, so customers can see the goods at the counter in touch query on the details. Touch the application of high-quality goods reveals ark in bring consumers a new consumption experience at the same time, more brands into high-tech element, highlight its wisdom, high-end, elegant, people-oriented, brand image, enhance consumer positive impression of the brand.
  6: library, museum, children‘s palace, the memorial hall, etc
  Functions: reading system, query system, introduce exhibits pictures show
  Value and advantage: with a kind of brand-new things give people a feeling of high-tech, increase the cultural charm of the place such as library and museum; Fast and convenient, save the time of the query; Like the museum also save the text introduce the space bar.
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