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Global panel factory in 2016 fourth quarter results

  LGD2016 year fourth quarter operating profit of 904.3 billion won (about nt $26.4 billion), or $1.1 billion, the year increased by 180%, LGD financial officer Don Kim said the panel prices, as well as the favorable environment of foreign exchange, the company set a record quarterly business interests of the two big reasons, and expected article 2017 1 quarter panel prices still continue to rise trend.
  Sharp fiscal third quarter 2016, paid out of the net profit of 4.2 billion yen (nt $1.14 billion), is to make money for the first time since the nine seasons. Sharp goodbye two years losses mainly are benefited the panel price is rising, to the main panel career earnings growth, meanwhile, hon hai‘s purchasing ability, can keep sharp purchase cost, plus the organization reconstruction results revealed.
  Legal person, said the fourth quarter of 2016 nt dollars against the U.S. dollar is weakening trend, auo and group of synchronous benefit panel prices, profit driven, with Taiwan factory production scale is about sixty percent to estimate LGD, regardless of the product portfolio, Taiwan is a panel factory in 2016 fourth quarter earnings should be 15.8 billion yuan.
  Innolux and auo will on February 10, 2017 and 14 said it would hold method, as a legal person generally forecast, panel two tigers in 2016 fourth quarter will fall from 120 to 120 yuan, will be a record quarterly profit since season 2, 2010.