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How does the yantai cherry break through the cold chain bottleneck crisis?

  In China‘s local fruit, yantai large cherry always occupies a higher social status, speaking of its history, dating back to the fruit of manchuria in 1915, according to the records, 1871 American missionaries J.L.N evius cherries introduced (cherries) in the southeast of yantai mountain cultivation, the main two varieties is a red light and early. This is the first time the cherries on the cultivation in China, as the localization, the "red" and "beauty" was gradually known as "cherry", more "spring fruit first one" of reputation.
  How does the yantai cherry break through the cold chain bottleneck crisis?
  The big cherry-maker‘s record
  With the development of the country‘s agricultural products, several major e-commerce platforms in China have targeted yantai cherries.
  As has the unique advantages of high-end domestic fruits, yantai large cherry to get the favour of rural electricity support programs nature is understandable, yield of bumper, quality excellent is the big cherry quickly occupy electric dealer market selling point. According to yantai large cherry association, according to data in 2016, the yantai area large cherry production in 20 ~ 220000 tons, the cherry season sales of 378 million yuan, up 75.8% from a year earlier, and as of June 30, 2016, the yantai large cherry online sales of 373 million yuan, up 118.12% from a year earlier, electricity sales model almost LongDuanShi occupied large cherry‘s turnover.
  Yantai fushan district as the core region of large cherry, engaged in electricity sales sellers of big cherry blossom everywhere, sales more than 500000 people in 500000 yuan or more sellers, li-li liu, zhao ping, huaxia xing three girl at the top, three cherry online sales of National People‘s Congress in 2016, the sales season in 10 million yuan of above.
  How does the yantai cherry break through the cold chain bottleneck crisis?
  The "cold chain" of the big cherry
  Show momentum at the same time, the yantai big cherry in the race for more high-end broader brand on the market is faced with severe challenges, domestic large cherry production every year about 700000 tons, the northwest part of the province is also gradually promote cherry planting and deployment of the network marketing strategy, while imports li zi sales each year also continued to grow, to yantai large cherry has brought substantial potential crisis.
  But for the impact of the child from imports department and part of the personnel is optimistic, because imports li zi skin thick meat hard, resistant to transportation storage, basic can eat all the year round, and yantai large cherry in contrast is not easy to save, very seasonal, so need not too care about the impact on the yantai large cherry imports department.
  However "seasonal" and "fresh" also had a higher request to the character of the large cherry, especially in the field to the customers, will never be able to avoid the delivery transport distribution link, to date, most of the large cherry region electrical traders will every morning picking cherries and sorting, then water processing, we package directly into the incubator with ice packs or foam box as well.
  "Through the Internet in recent years, several popular large cherry to know electricity found that merchants rhetorics of so-called ‘cold chain‘ all the way, is the combination of ice bag + foam box, want to do real cold chain, there is still a long road, combined with the rural electricity still faces operators recognition, not enough rural electricity and businessmen to shortage problems of rural electricity fresh cold chain way there is still a long way to go." "Said hao shuang, a cold chain analyst for refrigerated produce.
  How does the yantai cherry break through the cold chain bottleneck crisis?
  Cold chain resource integration
  Less cold chain resources, market chaos, can be said to be the low utilization rate of food cold chain in our country at present the main failing, engaged in agricultural electricity group for farmers, optional choose inevitably leads to high cold chain transport costs rose sharply, huge benefits drop, and if the individual merchants cold chain lines, not only to face high costs, the zero of the individual electricity single sales model cannot fill line start guaranteed orders requirements.
  How does the yantai cherry break through the cold chain bottleneck crisis?
  "In the face of the particularity of rural electricity, cold chain resources integration is the key, through the traditional cold chain line is not suitable for large cherry individual electrical contractor, if there is no Shared cold chain resources integration, namely a set of complete B2B2C cold-chain logistics support," yantai large cherry origin cold chain the whole process of "cannot achieve." HaoShuang refrigeration rural electricity business analysts think, "electric business platform in yantai large cherry origin versatility of building a large cold storage, the low temperature storage is not only limited to large cherry of low temperature storage, also must contain fruit storage and cold chain distribution before the precooling function at low temperature, electric business platform to assist growers to precooling cherry and low temperature packaged, and in combination with other electricity order together sent to all parts of the country."
  Is not only the electric business platform, low temperature cold chain of agricultural products throughout the country also gradually by the relevant departments within the industry: last year‘s big cherry season, yantai local Courier companies also over 30 chain line, cold chain of more than 450 vehicles, railway cargo 141 sorties, covering 269 key cities across the country, to realize the large cherry to 24 hours from the branches to the tip of the tongue all parts of the country, believe in various industries, such as electric business platform, logistics enterprise common concern and efforts of yantai large cherry to achieve more mature system of cold chain will not be far away.