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Who is the next generation display technology will be at home?

  In contrast, OLED camp, including LG, skyworth, konka, changhong, many different OLED TV brands at home and abroad have been released. Among them, as the traditional color TV giants, SONY also announced the sides and OLED camp.
  To say the next generation display technology, a lot of people would say OLED. Why is that? Mainly in black, contrast, flexible display, light has more advantage. Why OLED more dark black? The reason is very simple, OLED because do not need to back light, so in the dark field performance and the contrast has the very big advantage. Like you take a piece of black paper, behind open a flashlight, you can see part illuminated by the flashlight and the other part is not actually a color.
  That is why the OLED flexible display, thin edge? Also because OLED illumination, need no backlighting, LCD, even the color film substrate, and so on reasons.
  But OLED and yield is not high enough yet (LG personnel understand the 65 inch FHD yield above 80%), high prices, and other issues. In 55 inch TV, for example, the price of the same size OLED TV 1.5 ~ 2 times higher than LCD TV.
  Once and the second generation of the quantum dot technology development success, so that all the advantages of OLED will be wiped out, so to speak.
  What is quantum dots? Quantum dot is a kind of inorganic nanoscale materials, different sizes of particles by photoelectric stimulation can make different colors of light. Quantum dot display is divided into two stages: 1. The photoluminescence. 2. Electroluminescent. (simple understanding electroluminescent and photoluminescence difference electroluminescent is electric excitation light, light is light photoluminescence excitation material)
  Was the first generation of quantum dots, the so-called photoluminescence quantum dots components combined with LCD product, simply put is using quantum dots back light television (personal understanding is in the original LCD TV backlighting and add a layer of quantum dot film), has been very mature in technology.
  Quantum dots television gamut brightness higher, stronger, more energy saving.
  The first generation of quantum dots in front of the blue leds and distribution of green and red dots membrane, can be a backlit required densities. Quantum dots of white light, compared to traditional back light and back light trichromatic color purity is very high, very suitable for promotion display color purity. Quantum dots possess excellent panchromatic domain according to characteristics of the NTSC color domain coverage rate is as high as 110%, can real restore natural color, can effectively promote crisper and authenticity.
  Quantum dots are inorganic materials, natural is the most stable state, like a stone, not light brown, not hot. Won‘t produce burn-in phenomenon, attenuation slower, color display screen longer life. Therefore, the brightness of the quantum dots TV could do better. And the luminescence materials in OLED is organic molecules, stability problem to be solved.
  Data show that the quantum dots TV price is not so low in the rumours. In 55 inch, for example, quantum dots TV prices relative to the quantum dot price is about 1.8 times. Panel LCD TV should be relatively no special improvement, so the price difference should not be in this, that might be on the actual product, because the vendors need to be more careful calibration, adaptive image processing engine, etc., the price of TV of quantum dots is not imagination in so low.
  As for the second generation of quantum dots TV, its like OLED is spontaneous light show of the electroluminescent materials, no longer need the back light, LCD, color film, etc. Therefore, in the dark field, flexible display, light degree of OLED will no advantage to speak of.
  Quantum dots containing harmful heavy metal chromium as before, the cadmium content of a quantum dot TV less than you eat three days of rice, and liquid cadmium is closed, as long as it doesn‘t break with acid agent, won‘t cause harm to human body health.
  It is understood that this new type QLED TV will be listed in the next 3 to 5 years.
  , according to data from 2015 quantum dot size TV for the whole year 190000 to 190000 the year 190000, 2017, will further enhance the whole channel the size of the market is expected to 1.5 million units. In contrast, OLED, so far failed to reach expected effects, OLED size 41000, in the whole year of 2016 is expected to OLED scale of up to 180000 units in 2017.
  But the future prospective and who can say, perhaps with the further expansion of OLED camp, to further improve yield, the price is also down, life problem is completely solved. Also maybe quantum dots technological breakthroughs in recent years is introduced the second generation of quantum dot the TV. In addition, the next generation display revolution in printing technology, is the key to the OLED can be Shared and QLED breakthrough technology, I think, this will determine OLED and QLED who can bend overtaking.
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