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2016 Chinese panel enterprise performance Beijing east third

  Shipment panel makers rankings, LG Display (LG Display) last topped bibcock throne, shipment of 52.94 million pieces, reduce 4.3% year-on-year. WitsView research manager Hu Gurong said in 2016, lg display for guangzhou line 8.5 generation expansion capacity, and expand all 8.5 generation line 55 inches (including) above panel production, at the same time, convergence 32 inches single cut. This policy adjustment is shipments was caused by a recession, but the total area grow 5.3%, including 60 inches and 65 inches consolidated shipments growth as high as 98%, shows a large TV panel demand has become a trend.
  Hefei boe factory
  2016 Samsung Display (Display) TV panel shipment of 46.8 million, sharply reduced by 8.1% over the previous year, the recession in the first half of the year is the main reason why BCS process convert bad influence. In addition, samsung display capacity, in order to expand mobile phone use AMOLED panel closed in December 2016, about 1 factory, also cause shipment recession. Hu Gurong pointed out that samsung display of factory production cast about the market - 1 shake up, causing market panic stock boom of 40 ~ 43 inches, the wave effect continues to extend to 2017.
  Beijing Oriental TV panels shipped in two years in a row the beautiful transcripts, shipments of 43.64 million tablets, 2016 year growth of 22.4%, of the group and won the third place for the first time. 2016 boe, 8.5 generation line capacity, the continuous expansion of chongqing part in new capacity allocated to laptop panel production, strategic 49 inches and 55 inches production increase, so that grew in shipping area of 33.5%.
  Innolux had TV panel shipment runners-up in 2015, but there is no standard 23.6 inches in 2016 orders, and southern Taiwan earthquake disturbance of the original production and shipment plan, make its full-year shipments only 41.73 million pieces, annual 19.3% decline, shipment is relegated to fourth. Group, however, and through the flexible product mix adjustment, improve the production of large size proportion, under the limited capacity can still increase company profits, also makes the shipping area for the whole year recession only 6.3%.
  Star power in 2016 in the second line already amounted to 8.5 generation peak, boosting the overall TV panel shipment of 33.09 million, annual growth of 29.7%. Huaxing photoelectric since 2016 began to focus on the large size, 49 inches and 55 inches in annual shipments of explosive growth, were 126%, 126%, and help to delivery area jumped 55.3%, outperforming other panel factory.
  Auo TV panel shipments of 27.22 million, the annual growth of 0.2%. 2016 au L8B plant expansion capacity, but mainly to produce high-end niche products and large size, with six generations line TV panel production shift to 65 inches, the production of the indirect convergence 32 inches and 39 inches, so is not significantly increased in the shipments, delivery area grew 10.7%, doing well.
  Looking ahead to 2017, WitsView forecasts, the year TV panel shipment of 257.8 million pieces. Hu Gurong pointed out that in 2017, Korea‘s factory production line convergence for 40 ~ 45 inches supplies remain tight, recently 堺 x line panels factory also cast not take-away shake up, first big customer of shipping weight more than 4 into samsung had borne the brunt of the precipitated 40 inches in short supply situation, is expected to drive the demand to the bigger size is increasingly significant. In addition, due to 60 inches and 70 inches needs to move to 65 inches and 75 inches, shipment forecast 2017 TV panel average size will grow nearly 2 inches, 45.4 inches, and shipping area increased by 7.6%.
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