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The LCD price rally Mainland appeal capacity

  Harvest XQ global winner system quotation, according to the Taipei time at 11 o ‘clock 6 36 points, LGD fell 1.35%, to 29150 won. Opening has the lowest fell to 28850 won, at intraday low since December 6, 2016.
  Barron ` 5 reports (see here), in the past six months, the LCD panel price sharply higher, with 50 inches panel as an example, the price rise has as much as 36%. Not only that, 40-43 inches panel quotation, since to November (2016) beyond the wave height before April 2015.
  LCD panel quotation, however, the recent rally in gradual, Morgan Stanley, according to the price grew only 1% in January, is much less than the 6% in October last year. Morgan Stanley analyst Shawn Kim warned that Chinese companies start up capacity, panel a mild conditions could change again.
  Kim pointed out that the customer after the panel has positive rebuild inventories, while panels offer higher on demand cause depression, estimates that more than 40 inches LCD TV panels supply is unlikely to squeeze. On the other hand, China‘s expansion has 8 generation plant should start from the second half of this year, and the small size of the panel quotation will also be difficult to maintain, main OLED smartphones in the second half of the year, after the production of small size of the panel capacity utilization should fall.
  Korean media to spread a few days ago, LGD for conversion to OLED footsteps slowly, 8 will be adopted, the iPhone was the first time ever LG can‘t supply panel for the new iPhone.
  South Korean media Pulse by Maeil Business News Chesapeake reports on January 26th (see this), LGD one senior executive director confirmed that the company did not win the iPhone 8 orders, since the second half, backed by LG will have no big customers.
  LGD, apple relationship began in 2008, while the iPhone is since 2010 using LG panel. Apple decided to increase from 2011, the supplier of Sharp (Sharp) invested $1 billion LCD panel production line.
  According to the report, however, still have expectations of LG, hoping to win the iPhone LCD 8 orders. In contrast, Samsung Display has been receiving orders in last year, to supply 100 million pieces of OLED panel for the iPhone.
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