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How will the cryogenic cold storage installation take the first cooling

  In cold storage before put into production, low temperature cold storage installation debugging of the system is a very important content, only to cool the debugging to make cold storage temperature within the temperature down to your needs, to avoid warehouse civil engineering structure will appear because of sudden temperature is lower and destruction, together to learn about the library in the process of China refrigeration cooling for the first time in a do it.
  First of all we should do some preparation work for the refrigeration system is doing a very good job of pumping air into vacuum state, through a way of slow lead to a room temperature will gradually reduce, can then be evaluated for a cooling effect, why slow cooling is actually has some reasons, so can make the building engineering is contained inside slowly toward the external drainage, it also can avoid civil engineering because of lower temperature suddenly, water appears to freeze and destructive, or because you may be able to prevent because of the temperature drops too quickly and form the cold of a phenomenon, cause the outer walls of the civil engineering structure is affected, it is an important content in the process of low temperature cold storage installation.
  Cooling operation in low temperature cold storage prior to installation, even if we also should have corresponding knowledge, for example before filling refrigerant, be sure to do the operation of the vacuum, so to check whether system with strict, also can promote the air inside the cold storage and water discharge, before the heat preservation should also get nitrogen leak of the operation, it is also a good way to a processing, each kind of cold storage but choice of building materials are different, so we need to meet the cooling speed is also different, this is when we were in the low temperature cold storage installation must master a detail.
  Libraries of China refrigeration cooling for the first time when I was in the low temperature cold storage installation is such operation, the first step, make use of the differential to nitrogen inflator, the second step will be for evaporator line suitable for liquid, the third step will be through the slow cooling of an operation, the fourth step will speed of cooling operations, where you need to verify the cooling effect how, cold room general with the cooling effect is relatively good, in a limited amount of time we can find that evaporation temperature and the temperature of the warehouse to be able to quickly dropped to the normal range, and cooling speed can meet the requirements, the storehouse in natural temperature is normal also, at the same time, after slow cooling warehouse wall in general is relatively dry, there will be no cracks or deformation.
  Low temperature cold storage installation, if can be a cooling of debugging, the first time for civil engineering structure can also play a safeguard, in order to avoid because of lower temperature suddenly, makes the civil structure destruction of a case.
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