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What are the details of the refrigerator installation?

  Cold storage quality of fine decides the return of cold storage after put into use, so use library enterprise when choosing cold storage engineering contractor will carefully review the candidate cold storage engineering contractor qualification, professional cold storage scheme and the rationality of the cost of the refrigerator. Libraries of China refrigeration refrigeration industry more than 10 years, during the design of the construction of cold storage covers biological pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, cold chain logistics industry, agricultural planting, scientific research institutions, food and beverage industry, chemical industry and trade industry chains, etc., with the fresh electricity, distributors, wholesalers, restaurant, supermarket, food factories, and other cold chain logistics enterprise provides the high quality cold chain solutions and professional construction and maintenance, get with the library enterprise highly recognized and appreciated.
  Small make up interviews with professionals, compiled in the cold storage installation time pay attention to the details of the points, hope to be of plans to build library in assessing your selected cold storage engineering reference from time to tome, for instance to cold storage projects have been completed are comparable to detail points did, from the details on the construction of evaluation assessment of the stay cold storage engineering quotient is responsible for, etc.
  First, the refrigeration system is the core of the cold storage system, affecting the cold storage refrigeration effect, thus influence the storage preservation effect and economic benefits, thus used in refrigeration system is designed to fit the requirements and carefully treated during installation. Under normal circumstances, the refrigeration system of cold storage units of condenser, evaporator have been suppressed sealed in the factory, so in the actual installation process should pay attention to stress of kaifeng, which on the one hand, you can check if there is a leak phenomenon, pay more attention to in the process of construction, on the other hand also two copper tube sealing measures to prevent the dust into the tube. The coupling of condenser, cold storage, and evaporator is linked to the welding form, which makes the interface strong and beautiful.
  Second, cold storage refrigeration system of cold storage units of the pipe emissions all need to wear insulating tubes respectively with the same wire cable tie bind together with air conditioning, try to walk straight line and fixed.
  Third, for the position of the cold storage unit designed to follow the principle of the nearer the evaporator the better as far as possible, that is because the positions that the cold storage unit good heat dissipation and easy maintenance. At the same time, the cold storage unit should not be used on uneven ground, when putting out of cold storage units runtime might consider, when installation should be in the corners of cold storage units placed shockproof washers and ensure the level and firm, to avoid being touched down the accident.
  Fourth, due to the operation of cold storage units is cooling in order to ensure the cold storage unit will not affect performance or stop working, and overheating of the radiator with the design and installation position as close to the cold storage unit, the better, had better be in cold storage units of partial superior, but also should pay attention to the radiator outlet absorb not to other equipment or to the window elsewhere (especially residents window) and equipment.
  Fifth, in recent years of fire accident have mostly because of the cold storage refrigerator wire design is not reasonable cause short circuit or wire put or management is not standard cause of ageing, wire problem caused by the cold storage security hidden danger can strengthen prevent measures of fire in the cold storage installation. Emissions such as wire cable tie fasten all wires in addition to air condition, using corrugated hose or go trough wear pipe protection, temperature display wire try not together ribbon cable and wire.
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