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The cold chain logistics industry contains the opportunity many companies active layout

  The importance of cold chain logistics is important as the consumption of urban residents increases and the demand for fresh products increases. For the first time in recent days, the country has put forward a proposal to encourage the development of cold chain logistics. Industry insiders say that, under the policy support, the cold chain logistics industry has the opportunity, and the demand for cold chain logistics will continue to grow at a high rate. However, at present, the infrastructure of the cold chain industry needs to be perfected, the competition of homogeneity is serious, the organizational division of the enterprise and the business model have the space of change.
  The consumption upgrade drives the development of cold chain logistics
  The opinions on accelerating the development of refrigerated chain logistics for food safety and consumption promotion have been released. File points out that, along with economic and social development and people‘s living standards continue to improve, the demand of cold chain logistics is more and more urgent, expanding the size of the market, cold chain logistics industry to achieve rapid development; But due to a late start, weak foundation and cold chain logistics industry standard system is imperfect, infrastructure is relatively backward, specialized level is not high, lack of effective supervision, etc.
  "Opinion" is put forward, powered by system and mechanism innovation, supported by advanced technology and management application, to regulate the effective regulation to safeguard, build "whole chain, networking, strict standards, traceability, new pattern, high efficiency" of the modern cold chain logistics system.
  China federation of logistics and purchasing vice President and secretary general Cui Zhong pay pointed out that China‘s cold chain industry infrastructure is weak, in such aspects as precooling of origin, packaging, processing facilities is not perfect. These are "hard injuries" that restrict the development of cold chain logistics. At the same time, most cold chain enterprise service concept is backward, the homogenization competition is serious. With the rise of mobile Internet, there are opportunities in the cold chain logistics industry. The organizational division of the enterprise and the business model have the space of change, which requires the enterprise to transform and upgrade to the supply chain, the home distribution, the petty, the platform, etc.
  Cold chain logistics, can make fresh food and require refrigeration products in collecting, processing, packaging, storage, transportation and sale of the entire process at optimum conditions, the greatest degree to keep fresh food and frozen drug quality. , according to a report issued by the China federation of logistics and purchasing in 2017, as upgrade the consumption structure and consumption pattern innovation, continue to maintain rapid growth in the cold chain logistics demand.
  Analysts point out that demand growth in the cold chain industry will increase by more than 20 percent, and the policy will further catalyze the development of the cold chain logistics industry. In the next five years, the market of cold chain logistics will grow at a compound annual rate of over 20%, and the market is expected to reach 470 billion yuan by 2020.
  Several companies actively layout cold chain logistics
  As spending power has risen, so has the explosion of fresh electricity.
  The China federation of logistics and purchasing points out that the market for raw and fresh e-commerce is growing fast, with an average annual growth rate of over 80%. However, retail sales now account for just 3.4 per cent of total agricultural retail sales. In the next few years, the e-commerce market will exceed 100 billion yuan, sales will reach 7%, and the demand for raw and fresh e-commerce will be huge. In 2016, the cold chain logistics market demand grew by 22.3%, but compared with the cold chain developed countries, China‘s per capita area of refrigerator were only 7.3% of the Netherlands, Germany 43.3%, 54.1% of the French.
  Many agricultural enterprises, logistics enterprises, retail enterprises and e-commerce enterprises have actively entered the field of cold chain logistics. New hope group chairman liu yonghao says, is with cold-chain logistics sector, the freezer, cold chain logistics vehicles and the whole system together, cold-chain logistics company set up new hope. The new hope may also break up the cold chain business and seek A listing in the a-share market.
  The logistics world‘s cold chain has always been a big one. But logistics companies with strong resources are starting to get their hands on it. On April 24, China post express logistics co., LTD. (EMS) in solution, shandong yantai in shandong, liaoning, gansu, shaanxi, hebei, shanxi and other six linkage, achieve fresh cold-chain distribution throughout the country for the next day. On April 25, announced that it was operating independently of, a logistics group.
  The complexity, coordination and high nature of cold chain logistics have challenged the enterprises entering the cold chain logistics. Shentong previously announced, according to county agricultural electricity service providers and Ann hutch reached a strategic cooperation, the two sides will develop cold chain logistics services, in the county jointly establish cold chain logistics company cooperation.
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