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Why is the temperature too low after installation?

  Cold storage after construction, the first thing should be tested, so to know whether cold storage after installation will exist problems, general the early years of the cold storage installation need to consider such a problem, there are some specific industries, for those goods in cold storage temperature and time should be for effective control, together with library China refrigeration and find out why low temperature cold storage after installation.
  Low temperature, cold storage installation after the phenomenon may be because the unit is too big, lead to the inside of the refrigerator air temperature caused by falling fast, but we can find that the temperature of the goods is still in the high level.
  Why is the temperature too low after installation?
  It may also be that after the cold storage is installed, the cooling effect of the cold storage is poor, so the heat dissipation will be accelerated. This phenomenon may be because we have chosen the poor quality of cold storage board, recommend when selecting a refrigerator plate must pay attention to the thickness of it, only cold storage plate thickness to meet the requirements to have certain heat preservation effect.
  General cold cold storage installation will use air cooling mechanism, so such a refrigerator, it may appear the phenomenon of low temperature, library of China refrigeration advice, set in the process of temperature setting, we can dispatch scope.
  If cold storage is not used for a long time, do you also need refrigeration? Cold storage after installation if don‘t need to use cold storage for a long time, as long as it doesn‘t appear leakage of fluorine phenomenon, does not require refrigeration operation, but it is also possible for a long time not to use the phenomenon of leakage on fluorine, so at this time should be for refrigeration operation.
  Cold storage after installation need at least 24 hours before he is able to store the goods, so can make the temperature of the goods need quick meet, also can ensure the cold storage equipment can be in a state of normal operation.
  Cold storage prior to installation, our time how long it takes for frozen goods should also understand, cold storage after installation mainly can be divided into fresh, cold storage, frozen library, frozen library, which can mainly is stored at room temperature, cold storage is mainly stored below freezing, freeze library is mainly mog chan about fifteen degrees below zero, freezing time need at least 24 hours, if into the frozen rolls, then only need to 2 to 10 hours can reach frozen phenomenon. Appeared in the process of storage of goods, if the temperature is too low, then it will affect the normal temperature for storage, will also make the shelf life.
  More than a simple introduction for everybody‘s why cold storage after installation, the phenomenon of the low temperature, low temperature often could affect the quality of the goods storage, so we must know, what causes the phenomenon of temperature is too low because, according to the cause of targeted treatment, can improve storage efficiency of cold storage after installation.
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