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Up and up the latest cold storage capacity data is here!

  Cold storage is the foundation of the cold chain logistics, to balance the market peaks and troughs, adjust the product circulation, reduce the loss of the goods to promote cold storage and the whole industry chain upstream and downstream, as well as the national economic development. Especially in the present country per capita quota is less than developed countries, the product storage consumption is large, the country is very encouraging the cold bank construction. In particular, in 2010, the development of the "agricultural cold chain logistics development plan" in the central government, the cold bank construction entered the period of "prosperity".
  Up and up the latest cold storage capacity data is here!
  Refrigeration market according to reporter understanding, at the end of 2014, the national 31 provinces and cities autonomous region a total of 100000 refrigerator, cold storage amount is about 32.73 million tons, up 13.5% from a year earlier, the new cold storage capacity of 3.89 million tons. In the five years between 2010 and 2014, China‘s cold storage industry grew by an average of 13.4%, which has been growing fast in recent years.
  At the same time, in recent years, large or cold chain logistics enterprises are optimistic about investment in the refrigerator, and from the aspects of regional construction of cold storage business to know that information, a well-run cold storage, return on investment is far higher than other projects, after a short period of time will cost recovery, the future will be more profitable.
  In addition, China is a large producer of agricultural products, and many agricultural products are the first in the world. China is also a major trading country, with large quantities of agricultural products, such as vegetables, fruits, fish, soybeans and oil. In recent years, the production of agricultural products has increased rapidly, and by 2015, the total output value of the food industry reached 12.3 trillion yuan, up by 100 percent, an average annual increase of 15 percent. In 2011, the volume of agricultural products in our country reached 23360.98 billion yuan, but the total volume of logistics in China was only 1.47 percent.
  Is also big consumers in China, 1.347 billion, Beijing has only 20.186 million resident population, there are 210 million national visitor, there are 5.204 million overseas tourists, 5.204 million foreign business personnel, total is 235.44 million (times) of consumption, the consumption of no one has nothing to do with the cold chain.
  To sum up, the cold bank development is affected by capital, macro environment, and consumption. Especially in 2016, the central file no. 1 continue to lock in modern agricultural construction, the file points out that to speed up the construction of cross-regional cold-chain logistics system construction, cold storage construction is about to usher in a new round of construction, the transformation high tide.
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