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What are the causes of the shortening of project life?

  Along with the progress of the society, the development of all walks of life, the installation of large and small cold storage is rising gradually, spread rapidly across the country. The installation of cold storage is an indispensable role in the preservation of vegetables, melon and seafood products, and is increasingly important in the national economy. However, with the increase of the demand of cold storage engineering, the increasing of the builder, its construction problem is increasingly prominent, especially after some cold storage building service life is much lower than its scope.
  Reason one: the design of cold storage is unscientific and unreasonable
  Cold storage builders are increasing, and some of the newly established construction company because industry contact time is short, low professional level, personnel quality is uneven, cause at the time of issue a design scheme of cold storage moistureproof layer, wrong understanding of the importance of thermal insulation layer, moistureproof layer, the effect of thermal insulation layer is not big, do not do, or think of choose the material no special requirements, which can be. It is not known that the moisture-proof layer and the insulation layer are very important in maintaining the service life of the cooling library and the effect of insulation. At the time of design, the lack of emphasis on the moisture-proof layer and the insulation layer will directly lead to the shortening of the service life of the refrigerator.
  Reason # 2: some cold bank construction companies are not very professional
  Some cold storage engineering construction companies focus on the short term and not the quality of the project. Use inferior building materials in the construction process, and be shoddy; Some of the tasks that need to be repeated several times in order to do this are done in a hurry. Building materials and construction process is the key to ensure the quality of cold storage elements, relaxed in this will directly result in engineering quality closes nevertheless, shorten service life. Library, therefore, China refrigeration recommended when selecting a builder should pay attention to identify the existence of the builders length, credibility in the industry, and professional degrees, and ensure that the selected builders, safe and reliable.
  Reason 3: the acceptance party is not strict
  After the completion of the construction, the country will have the appropriate departments to accept the inspection and ensure its quality meets the relevant requirements of the state. However, some departments in the real life are not strict, and the low demand for the quality of the project also makes the cold storage project much shorter in use.
  These three points are the most prominent. In addition, in the process of using improper operation, the management of refrigerator is not standard, fire prevention measures contributed to the cold storage engineering such as shortening the service life of a few big reason. In order to guarantee the service life of cold storage, cold storage was needed to build after put into use merchants pay attention to in the process of daily management of mechanical equipment regular maintenance and fault in time, all the safety equipment is equipped with perfect.