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Why is glasses-free 3 d the tuyere of the future?

  In recent years, the growth of the consumer electronics market presents the downward trend, every year to revive China‘s consumer electronics industry is the key to technology innovation, as the embodiment of the idea and display one of the important direction of technology development, open hole 3 d was incorporated into the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" issued by the state council on December 19, national strategic emerging industry development planning. To understand the status of related glasses-free 3 d industry and development of the whole picture, reporter recently conducted a comprehensive, multiple points of view of research and interview.
  Ministry of electronic information secretary, said Joe glasses-free 3 d be included in "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" national strategic emerging industry development planning, is iconic for glasses-free 3 d industry, it is also ministry of industry and the relevant manufacturers work together to promote the important results. Glasses-free 3 d technology to restore the natural, good for human visual perception, is the important direction of consumer electronics. Joe chief priests thought, glasses-free 3 d technology is incorporated into the national strategic emerging industry development planning, to the development of open hole 3 d industry an important role, and said the ministry will actively support each manufacturer, to promote the development of glasses-free 3 d technology and application, power of the revitalization of China‘s consumer electronics industry.
  As the world‘s top 500, huawei also eyeing the glasses-free 3 d this cake. CITE conference this year, huawei terminal display, chief scientist, huawei terminal always adhere to the high-quality goods strategy, the technology to brave to break the seemingly impossible limit, let all over the world more and more people enjoy the joy of technological progress. Glasses-free 3 d will become the trend of the development of the industry, huawei will embrace the trend, make good use of the new 3 d technology innovation, and provide consumers with the world‘s best products.
  Not only is the domestic terminal manufacturers, foreign line terminal manufacturers have also involved in 3 d display, layout of the future. Last July, apple an application for a patent for an open hole 3 d related formal exposure. Senior managers make apple display technology? Jacob? Johndroe lai (Jean - Jacques Drolet) revealed that mentioned in the patent simulated 3 d video technology can make the iPhone and other apple devices display screen into a 3 d display, users do not need to wear 3 d glasses to see stereo images.
  As the first brand of mobile phone industry and the most profitable company, apple in the direction of the open hole 3 d technology layout, not only underline its lead in innovation technology foresight, but also reflects the reality of the whole mobile phone market needs innovation. Under the innovation and market competition, brand manufacturers have break into open hole 3 d new blue ocean, be the first to eat crab.
  Samsung is pushing open hole 3 d technology international manufacturers and a representative. During the 2016 CESA, samsung global procurement center standing, said li has long been a samsung is leading in the field of consumer electronics, samsung can in consumer electronics this road for so long, the most fundamental reason is that samsung has always been in the real, innovation. Glasses-free 3 d is samsung can grasp the present, and with the new technology and new direction of imaginary space, can differentiate competition ability, this is the push samsung glasses-free 3 d application.
  Reporter also noticed that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) with the naked eye 3 d, also be incorporated into the national strategic emerging industry development planning "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in". But compared to the naked eye 3 d and VR is also facing technical maturity, user experience, the product of commercial sex multiple test, hardware standard setting, experience dizziness discomfort is still the main problem need to solve. Glasses-free 3 d development, by contrast, are more optimistic, not only lies in its started early, fast development, have formed + + + application software, hardware technology content industry ecology, content development is also in full swing.
  Has successfully built a complete ecological platform, such as super multidimensional, ivvi manufacturers participate in, continuously perfect, mature technology system, as well as "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" national strategic emerging industry development planning and policies to promote national standards, all make us believe that glasses-free 3 d has become the consumer electronics industry upgrading of tuyere.
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