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A few ways of the cold library demildew, collect!

  There are three main types of mold except mold, physics and mould.
  1, mechanical demolation:
  It‘s part of cleaning and rooting out the mildew, which is also combined with other demildewed methods. In mold removal method has an air of washing method, which is in FengKouChu to a sprinkler and air in the circulation through the water budget and washed away the mold spores, this method like the wet air cooler now, can rise to reduce the effect of the mold.
  Two, physical demildew method:
  It is the physical means of using temperature, humidity, ultraviolet light, high frequency electricity and wire mesh filter. The temperature of the mold growth generally between - 6 ~ 40 ℃, because of this mold growth is seldom seen in the library at low temperature, and the use of hot caustic soda can also kill the mold on the tool equipment. The growth and temperature of the mold is very strong, so the temperature control is only suitable for use. It is a good way to remove mold with ultraviolet light. It can kill bacteria, but it also has some effect on deodorization. But this is only part of the work of direct illuminate, generally with 0.33 ~ 3 watt per cubic meter of ultraviolet radiation, in the area of 2 meters distance irradiation on 6 hours can have the effect of kill microorganisms. But the effect of ultraviolet light is to be affected by temperature and humidity, the closer the microorganism grows normal temperature, the high humidity, the ability of germicidal demildew is stronger. Ultraviolet light can promote the oxidation of the fat, so be careful when using it. The wire mesh filter is a mesh with a copper wire in the windward, which can kill some mold.
  Chemical demold: commonly used lactic acid, carbon dioxide, ozone, formaldehyde, bleaching powder, sodium fluoride, hydroxyphenol sodium, etc.
  Lactic acid method: is a kind of reliable disinfection method, it can divide mold, can kill bacterium, also can deodorize. Use method is first to clean up the warehouse off per cubic meter in 1 ml of crude lactic acid, lactic acid to add 1 ~ 2 copies of each water, mixture is placed within the enamel basin, placed in the electric stove heating evaporation, general requirements to control the liquid and a half hours to 3 hours after evaporation. Then turn off the electric stove and close the door for about 6 ~ 24 hours, making lactic acid sufficient with bacteria or mold to achieve the purpose of sterilization. It was proved by the research team of the demildeus in the business bureau of hunan province. The lactic acid disinfectant is a milliliter per cubic meter, and the sterilization of the storage room has a certain effect, and the bacteria in the reservoir after disinfection have been reduced by 70% and mold by 70%.
  Carbon dioxide: it can‘t kill mold at any concentration. It can only delay the growth of mold. Under 0 ℃, such as indoor air concentrations of carbon dioxide reaches 40%, can completely prevent the growth of mold. But when it is more than 20 percent in the air, it discolorate the meat because of the formation of the hemoglobin. It is generally believed under 0 ℃, the indoor co2 concentration was 10%, can prolong the shelf life of chilled meat in a refrigeration to more than double.
  Ozone method: it is a good method, it can kill bacteria and deodorize. In this way, ozone generators should be used to make the oxygen of two atoms in the air split into two atoms of ozone. The resulting ozone is in the freezer, with a concentration of approximately 1 ~ 3mg/m3. But ozone is a powerful oxidizer that can make lean meat fade and fat oxidize, while ozone is stimulating to the human mucosa, so it should be noted when applied.
  Formaldehyde: the formalin steam method. This method can sterilization in addition to poison, but the formaldehyde smell is very big, if can‘t be absorbed by the meat for food, formalin stimulation to the person at the same time is very big, when used to pay attention to safety. Using this method, the library should be emptied and cleaned, usually with 15 ml of formalin per cubic meter. There are two ways of turning formalin into steam: one is to put formalin in a sealed barrel and use a tube into the cooler. One is put in open barrels formaldehyde in cold storage, by operating personnel in the proper amount of potassium manganate or quick lime, add some water, gas occurs, people go out good library door closed. After a few hours of disinfectant with formalin steam, use ammonia to absorb the smell of formaldehyde in the room.
  Bleach method: use 4 percent bleaching powder solution to wash, the disinfection effect is good. If you add seven stone bases to five pieces of bleaching powder, it will be better to disinfect and vent for several hours.
  6. Sodium fluoride method: with 2% sodium fluoride and 20% kaolin, mixed painting the walls under 0 ℃ to mildew in 1 ~ 2 years.
  Sodium hydroxyphenol sodium method: the use of 2% hydroxyphenol sodium solution to remove mold. This method can not be passed on to the meat, nor will it corrode the vessel, but it should be protected when brushing.
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