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Keep the cold storage in the cold storage

  In recent years, a variety of fresh cold storage in the market emerge in endlessly, and provides great convenience for people‘s life at the same time, also promoted the rapid development of logistics industry, refrigerator fresh cold storage installation to build in the market of the phenomenon of reason should not beg. However, the majority of users in the use of fresh cold storage time will face the problem of this type, that is the service life of fresh cold storage and energy consumption is quite vulnerable, today small make up for us all, rounding caused fresh cold storage life and energy consumption of the affected factors have?
  First of all, lead to fresh cold storage life and energy consumption affected factors are linked to the specification of refrigerator design, cold storage in building design, if the design is not perfect, unreasonable and unscientific, leads to cold storage energy and life under the influence of different degree; Such as fresh cold storage moistureproof layer, thermal insulation, moisture-proof and insulation material selection, these factors will directly heat preservation effect of keeping fresh cold storage play a direct impact.
  Followed by the structure in construction process of the refrigerator, cold storage of market construction enterprise while there are many, but if the user to select non-professional cold storage building companies, leads to a body of air tightness is lax, make fresh cold storage in the later use the process of energy loss too fast, let the outside high temperature into the house of the rolls, affect the whole storage effect of the rolls. Without professional experience of cold storage construction enterprises, especially in the built cold storage structure is not timely after spraying polyurethane foam insulation, will make no cold storage, moisture vapour layer exists, ultimately affect the use effect of the later.
  In addition. Fresh cold storage life and affected factors and energy consumption may be caused by improper operation, many users in order to be able to save the cost of using, storage piled up in the cold storage of goods; Reserves if more than cold storage capacity, but goods will cause the service life of cold storage is affected, the use of cold storage energy increase, caused a certain economic losses. In addition, if don‘t master correct measures for the use of cold storage of workers frequently open the refrigerator door or open the refrigerator door does not shut down for a long time, also causes the temperature of the rolls is affected, increase the use of cold storage energy.
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