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What are the basic modes of agricultural cold chain logistics?

  Agricultural products cold chain logistics in the eyes of consumers is not strange, this is because the benefit from the rapid development of cold chain logistics of agricultural products, the country of origin of the consumers can also enjoy the fruit flavor and quality of origin, such as local specialties, fruits and vegetables, seafood imports, etc. Library refrigeration for agricultural production and circulation enterprises in China, such as ningbo "vegetable basket" engineering, fruit and vegetable of flange cold storage project, RongQing cold-chain logistics in the logistics supply chain also exposed many agricultural products circulation mode, what are the common basic pattern? Let kuhua refrigeration to you column, you see your cold chain logistics enterprise to adopt which pattern and from which link start to be good.
  Wholesale market model
  Wholesale market model is our agricultural product logistics is one of the more common, it is on a certain scale wholesale market, by the producers or sellers will be dispersed among products on the wholesale markets are wholesalers purchase, and then through the retailer, finally reaches the consumer of agricultural products logistics mode. This kind of logistics model is in line with the development situation of the agricultural industry in our country, because can avoid the product diversification management, realizes the scale, reduces the logistics cost. Compared with other commodities, goods flow, the characteristics of the cold chain logistics is the circulation of any link needs to form a complete set of cold-chain facilities, or "cold chain" circulation will make subsequent link loss rate of increase of circulation, also cannot get well scale management of optimization. Large retailers can, for example, in the configuration of air-conditioner facilities of self-built small refrigerating or double temperature refrigerator at the same time, also can better regulate carried out each time, more convenient save worry.
  Supermarket chain
  Supermarket chain model is a supermarket chain and logistics enterprise alliance agricultural products cold chain logistics operation mode, the model for logistics enterprises to join reduces logistics links, can well improve the efficiency of logistics and guarantee the stable supply of goods. Often, the supermarket chain supermarket chain mode, logistics enterprise, spread three sides will sign a cooperation agreement, farmers are now scattered farmers commodity value and economic value of fresh agricultural products are guaranteed and the model of a typical market. Fresh perishable agricultural products easily rotten, freshness, and self-built refrigerator storage transport fresh increased to spread the cost of investment, farmers and logistics enterprises to join to share the cost of storage and circulation, and docking with the supermarket chain, the way of efficient and rapid circulation of vision, seamless docking products and sales chain optimization of the whole logistics supply chain system, so it is very beneficial to the rapid and healthy development of the agricultural industry.
  Logistics center model
  Logistics center model belongs to the rise and rapid development in recent years, agricultural cold chain logistics mode, it joins the logistics base, logistics team, distribution center, distribution of Chinese and western, such as logistics center, implementation is dominated by the natural skin trade logistics center main providing modern logistics mode and comprehensive logistics services. It with the supermarket chain logistics enterprises, a slightly different role in the mode of logistics model of logistics distribution of dominant position, and supermarket chain model in logistics enterprises just plays a cold chain storage and transportation around the three parties of contract. Logistics centre mode scatter farmers or manufacturers produce together, not only can improve the efficiency of logistics resources, but also is a good way to solve the contradiction between small-scale production and big market.
  Above for the present situation of agricultural products cold chain logistics operation mode of three basic patterns, relevant enterprises can according to their own operational planning and the local actual situation to agricultural cold chain logistics. Library of China refrigeration reminder: no matter what kind of pattern, form a complete set of cold-chain facilities must be professional and reliable, and use specification in use process strictly follow the cold-chain facilities, small make up for the development of agricultural products cold chain logistics industry together with you together.
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