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Learn from the experience of building a small cooling library properly!

  Small cold storage building because of its short installation period, the use of efficient and reasonable price material benefit and so on a series of advantage, quickly by the market recognition, widely applied into many industries. And for users who need to build a small refrigerator, it is generally more focus on small refrigerator design and type selection problem, small make up to you finishing the following references:
  One, library design planning
  Small refrigerator door, and according to the site to be able to use the channel width to make reasonable setting, common library door design are sliding door, electric door, gate, sliding door, swing door, etc. It needs to be used rationally according to customer‘s needs. If the size of the shipment is limited, then it is recommended that the use of large equipment and large goods in and out of a free shift door.
  Second, the refrigerator door is designed
  In general, warehouse threshold can be set up also can not set, if not set, refrigerator inside will be as tall as the ground of the external, above the insulating layer with the same ground material to make, make refrigerator staff handling when the goods in and out more convenient. If want to set up, the threshold distance must be 3 to 5 cm above the ground, let the library classes and outside surface of the ground step, this structure whether to install or transporting goods are more convenient.
  Design selection of cold storage board
  The small cold storage floor is very important, and the preformed surface protection material is made up of colored steel tiles, galvanized steel plate, aluminum plate, etc. For some special occasions that require higher requirements, SUS304 stainless steel plates should be used properly, SUS316 stainless steel plate.
  Design of the thickness of insulation layer
  The insulation material of cold storage should choose the process maturity, the environmental polyurethane material that the disposable high pressure foam is made, also can use polystyrene foamed material; In general, cold storage library temperature at minus 22 ℃ above, all the year round so library board is to choose the best 100 mm thick insulating layer; Minus 22 ℃ cold storage to use under 50 mm thickness of insulating layer; While below 30 ℃ below zero with 200 mm thick insulation.
  Balanced window design
  Small cold storage requirements seal, when use in practice due to the large temperature difference between the rolls and library, it is easy to appear heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon in library door won‘t open, in order to effectively solve the problem of this type, small refrigerator must have balance window design, when the pressure inside the refrigerator too low, can be appropriate to add air, pressure balance.
  6, door frame anticondensate design
  Cold storage of aperture will exist between the door and door frame, the internal and external temperature difference is as high as 10 ℃ or so, the moisture in the air condenses on the surface of door frame, and even flow directly to the rolls of the ground; As a result, a hot line should be installed around the gates to avoid condensation during wet weather.
  Health design
  Upscale hotels, medical institutions, small refrigerator is very strict to health, health security hidden danger in order to prevent the cold storage, when construction must make the edge junction of cold storage into R30 mm above the rounded corners, the sites of hui three sides is best form SR30 mm above the shade of the spherical; This special structure can effectively prevent the health of dead ends and ensure the sanitation of the reservoir.
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