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Divide 2017 LED display industry Small and medium-sized enterprise reshuffle

  Represented by the listed company of first-line brand enterprises in the past although in production line, channels, and brand construction of continuous, but industry mainly small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) pattern is still obvious, led display its main business revenue of 1 billion yuan for the whole year of no more than 5 enterprises, most enterprises revenue was below one hundred million dollars. These small and medium-sized enterprise financing and ability to resist risk is low, the product homogeneityphenomenon serious, lack of competitiveness, under the ongoing macro-economic downward trend, combined with the last raw materials prices generally, suppliers are not willing to loan adverse factors, such as some small and medium-sized enterprises will be difficult to cross the barriers.
  Filtration of small and medium-sized enterprises, the industry resources will further occupied by a powerful large enterprises, in the case of large enterprise business need to expand, in the future, m&a and cross-border will be led display enterprise scale, and the pursuit of profit significant way, and will continue to occur in a long time. Its performance are mainly horizontal m&a and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, horizontal mergers and acquisitions will with inner niche industry has a certain influence of the company is given priority to, in leasing, transparent screen, soft module, special-shaped screen area enterprise with speciality will be sought after; Cross-border mergers and acquisitions, AR/VR will remain hot spots, in addition, the media, sports, education and other fields will also continue to concern.
  It is worth noting that affected by the global economic downturn for several years, as the led display industry of the icing on the cake, its product quantity of supply and demand is greatly restricted. For market share, the led display industry over the past few years the small and medium-sized enterprises in order to survive, to rely on the price war that "kill one thousand, since the loss of eight hundred" vicious competition, which greatly reduced the profitability of many small and medium-sized enterprises, industry business failures are common, and led display in the future under the tide of technological innovation, "old" technology gradually appears inappropriate, this originally is a lack of innovation of Chinese led display, no doubt is a big blow, the more survive by eating "margin" technology of led display enterprise will be a fatal blow.
  Generally speaking, the current in the field of conventional screen, many enterprises of gross margin is smaller than 10%. China especially north shenzhen and other cities over the years the human cost and rental cost has increased dramatically, and since the second half of last year‘s raw material prices and other factors, comprehensive analysis, in 2017 the situation will be conducive to part of the financing ability is low, profits, and the single capacity is weak of small and medium-sized enterprises survive. Maybe will be a watershed in 2017, with some survival difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises will be shuffle off in this wave of adjustment.