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Company News

Up and up the latest cold storage capacity data is here!

Cold storage is the foundation of the cold chain logistics, to balance the market peaks and troughs, adjust the product circulation, reduce the loss of the goods to promote cold storage and the whole industry chain upstream and downstream, as well as...


How will the cryogenic cold storage installation take the first cooling

In cold storage before put into production, low temperature cold storage installation debugging of the system is a very important content, only to cool the debugging to make cold storage temperature within the temperature down to your needs, to avoid...


What are the details of the refrigerator installation?

Cold storage quality of fine decides the return of cold storage after put into use, so use library enterprise when choosing cold storage engineering contractor will carefully review the candidate cold storage engineering contractor qualification, pro...


What are the causes of the shortening of project life?

Along with the progress of the society, the development of all walks of life, the installation of large and small cold storage is rising gradually, spread rapidly across the country. The installation of cold storage is an indispensable role in the pr...


The cold chain logistics industry contains the opportunity many companies active...

The importance of cold chain logistics is important as the consumption of urban residents increases and the demand for fresh products increases. For the first time in recent days, the country has put forward a proposal to encourage the development of...


Why is the temperature too low after installation?

Cold storage after construction, the first thing should be tested, so to know whether cold storage after installation will exist problems, general the early years of the cold storage installation need to consider such a problem, there are some specif...


Why is glasses-free 3 d the tuyere of the future?

Recently, the north American CES exhibition, many cool technology products to consumers. Among them, the new technology is still attracted more research, open hole 3 d is one of the hot spot of this year, with its striking visual experience and rich ...


Quantum dot display Demand will be more than ten million units this year

CES exhibition in 2017, samsung pushed quantum dot (QD) QLED TV display technology, and the spelling of LGD OLED TV field, quantum dots and OLED dispute, still not see, who wins who negative still undetermined number of display technology advantages ...